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Year Issue Topics Format
2018 1 Time on dialysis and graft survival
(current, password-protected, CTS participants only)
2017 1 HLA match and graft survival, interactive PDF forms PDF | HTML
  2 Comparison living vs. deceased donor transplants PDF | HTML
  3 Pediatric liver transplantation PDF | HTML
  4 Influence of blood pressure and calcineurin inhibitors on kidney function PDF | HTML
2016 1 Recipient and donor age in pediatric patients PDF | HTML
  2 mTOR inhibitors and cancer PDF | HTML
  3 Antibody induction, DSA and sCD30 PDF | HTML
  4 Kidneys from elderly donors, crossmatch in liver transplantation PDF | HTML
2015 1 Steroid dosage and posttransplant cataract PDF | HTML
  2 Current impact of preformed antibodies PDF | HTML
  3 Impact of smoking, center-specific analysis PDF | HTML
  4 Changes in the recipient profile PDF | HTML
2014 1 Tacrolimus trough levels and kidney graft survival PDF | HTML
  2 Website access frequencies CTS newsletters PDF | HTML
  3 Age-adjusted improvement of kidney graft survival PDF | HTML
  4 CMV prophylaxis and cardiovascular death or death from infection PDF | HTML
2013 1 Kidney graft outcome, recipient-donor age combinations PDF | HTML
  2 HLA match and death due to infection in heart and liver transplantation PDF | HTML
  3 10-year analysis of prospective steroid withdrawal study PDF | HTML
  4 Steroid treatment and death due to infection in heart and lung transplant recipients PDF | HTML
2012 1 Long-term outcomes: serum creatinine, cataract, osteoporosis PDF | HTML
  2 Death with a functioning graft PDF | HTML
  3 HLA match and death due to infection, cardiovascular disease, cancer PDF | HTML
  4 Age and kidney graft survival and function PDF | HTML
2011 1 Recipient age, rejection and HLA matching PDF | HTML
  2 Cardiovascular death and death from infection PDF | HTML
  3 Respiratory tract cancer in kidney recipients PDF | HTML
  4 Statin treatment and death with a functioning kidney graft PDF | HTML
2010 1 Ischemia time and HLA matching PDF | HTML
  2 HLA matching and incidence of posttransplant lymphoma PDF | HTML
  3 Standardized tumor incidence rates PDF | HTML
  4 HLA and lung transplantation PDF | HTML
2009 1 Posttranspant hypercholesteremia and de-novo diabetes PDF | HTML
  2 Outcome comparison with different immunosuppressive regimens PDF | HTML
  3 Immunosuppressive regimens and pediatric kidney transplants PDF | HTML
  4 EBV and lymphoma PDF | HTML
2008 1 Time of rejection and long-term graft survival PDF | HTML
  2 Acute rejection and graft outcome in heart, lung, liver, pancreas transplantation PDF | HTML
  3 Preformed antibodies against HLA class I and II PDF | HTML
  4 Decrease or withdrawal of immunosuppression, HY gender effect PDF | HTML
2007 1 Completeness of follow up; HLA matching and short ischemia PDF | HTML
  2 Crossmatch Analysis PDF | HTML
  3 Non-Heartbeating Donors, Hypertensive Donors, Other Marginal Donors PDF | HTML
  4 Blood transfusions and antibodies against HLA and MICA PDF | HTML
2006 1 Influence of center size and early success rate on long-term outcome of kidney, heart and liver transplants PDF | HTML
  2 Antibody induction and incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma PDF | HTML
  3 Lymphoma and antibody induction non-renal transplants. Overall CTS statistics PDF | HTML
  4 ACEI/ARB treatment and long-term kidney graft survival PDF | HTML
2005 1 Donor Age Effect, Steroid Withdrawal Study PDF | HTML
  2 ABO incompatible kidney transplants PDF | HTML
  3 Preoperative cyclosporine PDF | HTML
  4 Successful control of posttransplant hypertension and kidney graft survival PDF | HTML
2004 1 Quality of HLA typing, HLA matching in kidney transplantation PDF | HTML
  2 Unrelated living donors, short ischemia, HLA matching PDF | HTML
  3 Hypertension and ACE inhibitors PDF | HTML
  4 Related donor and split liver transplants PDF | HTML
2003 1 TaXi expansion, incidence of rectal cancer PDF | HTML
  2 Influence of serum cholesterol in kidney and heart transplantation PDF | HTML
  3 Pretransplant sCD30 and HLA matching PDF | HTML
  4 Posttransplant Cancer PDF | HTML
2002 1 Ischemic preservation time, anti-HLA antibodies PDF | HTML
  2 Analysis of sCD30 in kidney transplantation. Announcement of prospective sCD30 and anti-HLA antibody study PDF | HTML
  3 Combined kidney+liver and kidney+heart transplants PDF | HTML
2001 1 Software Development / Generic Cyclosporine PDF | HTML
  2 Cause of donor death PDF | HTML
3 New database TaXi / HLA matching and modern immunosuppression PDF | HTML
  4 Anti-HLA class I and class II antibodies PDF | HTML
2000 1 DNA Typing Project / Pretransplant Risk Categories (continued) PDF | HTML
  2 Improved Transplant survival PDF | HTML
  3 Center-specific Analysis PDF | HTML
  4 Update Steroid Withdrawal Study, 4-Year Results PDF | HTML
1999 1 Prospective Steroid Withdrawal Study PDF | HTML
  2 Sibling Haplotype Project. Steroid Withdrawal Project PDF | HTML
  3 Role of IgA-anti-Fab Antibodies PDF | HTML
  4 CTS Website Update. Pretransplant Risk Assessment (Graft and patient survival) PDF | HTML
1998 1 Blood Pressure and graft survival PDF | HTML
  2 DNA Typing Project (A+B locus). Blood Pressure and Heart Transplants PDF | HTML
  3 CYA Dosage and graft Outcome. Steroid-free Maintenance PDF | HTML
  4 Pretransplant CMV Status. CMV Prophylaxis PDF | HTML
1997 1 Posttransplant Malignancies PDF | HTML
  2 HLA-DR+DP Broad/Split Specificity Matches. Importance of DNA Typing PDF | HTML
  3 Randomized Transfusion Study PDF | HTML
  4 HIT Project PDF | HTML
1996 1 HLA Matching in non-renal Transplantation HTML
  2 HLA matching in Heart Transplantation. Repeat Heart Transplants HTML
  3 Molecular Typing for HLA-DRB. Recipient Age in Renal Transplantation PDF | HTML
  4 Cold Ischemic Preservation Times. HLA Matching and graft survival with Short Cold Ischemia PDF | HTML
  5 Early Immunological Rejection and Chronic graft Loss Taboo Mismatches PDF | HTML
1995 1 "Permissible" HLA mismatches HTML
  2 HIT Trial for highly immunized patients HTML
  3 "graft Adaption" HTML
  4 Induction Treatment with OKT3 HTML
1994 1 Patient survival after Diagnosis of Posttransplant Lymphomas HTML
  2 HLA Matching in Heart Transplantation. Influence of Donor Age HTML
  3 Maintenance Immunosuppression in Renal Transplant Recipients HTML
  4 Steroid Withdrawal Project HTML
1993 1 HLA Compatibility in Liver Transplantation HTML
  2 Kidney Preservation Methods HTML
  3 Impact of AB0 Compatibility / Incompatibility on graft survival HTML
  4 XCOMB Allocation Method HTML
  5 Posttransplant non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas HTML
1992 1 Donor Age in Liver and Pancreas Transplantation. Relevance of HLA-A and -B Antigen Splits HTML
  2 10th CTS Anniversary Symposium HTML
  3 Discrepancies between Serological and DNA Typing HTML
  4 Graft and Patient survival for "Good", "Mediocre" or "Poor" Risk Patients HTML
1991 1 Kidney Transplants from Live Unrelated Donors HTML
  2 Analysis of Pancreas Transplants HTML
  3 CMV Status of Transplant Recipients and Donors HTML
  4 DNA-RFLP Project HTML
  5 Donor Age in Kidney and Heart Transplantation HTML
1990 1 Evolution of Kidney and Heart Transplant Studies HTML
  2 Transplant Results for Different Diseases HTML
  3 Sequential Immunosuppression for Kidney and Heart Transplantation HTML
  4 Sequential Immunosuppression with OKT3 rather than ATG/ALG Induction HTML
  5 Yearly Success Rates for Kidney, Heart, Liver and Pancreas Transplants HTML
  6 Estimation of Long-Term Kidney graft survival Rates HTML
1989 1 HLA matching in second transplants HTML
  2 Sequential immunosuppression HTML
  3 Role of remote positive crossmatch HTML
  4 Survival of father to child as compared to mother to child transplants HTML
  5 Heart and kidney transplants and the alleged nephrotoxic effect of Cyclosporine HTML
  6 Pancreas transplants HTML
  7 Matching for HLA split antigens HTML
1988 1 Influence of recipient/donor age HTML
  2 59 verified AB0 incompatible cadaver transplants HTML
  3 Pretransplant transfusions HTML
  4 Importance of HLA antigen "splits" HTML
  5 Preliminary analysis of immunosuppression questionnaires HTML
  6 Influence of HLA matching with or without Cyclosporine HTML
1987 1 HLA-B+DR mismatches in first cadaver transplants HTML
  2 Influence of recipient age HTML
  3 Age and patient survival in different disease categories HTML
  4 Explanation of clinical grades HTML
  5 Type and time of dialysis HTML
  6 Type and time of dialysis. Influence of HLA-B+DR mismatches HTML
  7 First and second transplants with Cyclosporine. Importance of good quality HLA typing HTML
1986 1 Comparison cadaver transplants with or without Cyclosporine HTML
  2 Recipient/Donor age, with or without Cyclosporine HTML
  3 Preformed lymphocytotoxic antibodies HTML
  4 High level antibodies and HLA matching HTML
  5 Retransplants HTML
  6 Pretransplant transfusions HTML
  7 Influence of HLA-B+DR matching on Cyclosporine-treated transplants HTML
  8 Patient and graft survival: Cyclosporine, original disease, risk factors HTML
1985 1 Effect of HLA-A,-B and -DR Mismatches on graft survival HTML
  2 Effect of Cyclosporine on graft survival HTML
  3 Effect of Cyclosporine and HLA-B,-DR mismatches on graft survival HTML
  4 Survival rates for "good", "moderate" or "poor" Risk patients in Europe, North America and other continents HTML
  5 Comparison of Cyclosporine versus conventional immunosuppression in children HTML
  6 Introduction of CTS sera sets / results of crossmatch analysis HTML
1984 1 Cross match analysis correlation of HLA matching with graft outcome HTML
  2 Analysis of extended red cell antigen data, the complement of Bf markers and whether or not donor was transfused HTML
  3 Survival in patients with or without CyA HTML
  4 Influence of ischemia times on graft survival HTML
  5 Differential effect of HLA matching with ischemia times HTML
1983 1 Transplant results in relation to preformed lymphocytotoxic antibodies HTML
  2 Analysis of different immunosuppressive protocols. DR6 effect on graft survival HTML
  3 Combined analysis of HLA-B plus HLA-DR on graft survival HTML
  4 Matching for HLA-A,-B and -DR HTML