CTS Participants Middle East

The following pages are password protected (CTS participants only).


Ankara (Baskent University)
Ankara (Gazi University)
Ankara (Hacettepe Üniversitesi Tip Fakültesi)
Ankara (Univ School of Med. Pediatrics)
Haifa (Rambam Health Care)
Istanbul (Camlica Medicana Hospital)
Istanbul (Florence Nightingale)
Istanbul (Hizmet Memorial Hospital)
Istanbul (Okan University Hospital)
Istanbul (Ozel Camlica Universal)
Istanbul (Özel Gaziosmanpasa Hastanesi,Genel Cerrahi Uzmani)
Istanbul (Sisli Memorial Hospital)
Istanbul (Univ Cerrahpasa Pediatrics)
Istanbul (Istanbul University)
Istanbul (Yeditepe University Hospital)
Izmir (Dokuz Eylul University Hospital Izmir)
Izmir (Ege University Medical School)
Izmir (Ege University, Faculty of Medicine)
Izmir (SSK Tepecik Hospital Izmir)
Izmir (Tepecik H Pediatrics)
Jerusalem (Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School)
Karachi (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT))
Malatya (Inonu University)
Petach Tikva (Belinson Campus)
Sukkur (Sindh Institute of Urology and)
Tehran (Shahid Labbafi Nejad Hospital)
Tel Hashomer
Urmia (Urmia University of Medical Science)



Ankara (Baskent University)
Jerusalem (Hadassah Hebrew University Medical School)
Petah Tiqwa (Rabin Medical Center Beilinson Hospital)
Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center)


Ankara (Baskent University)
Petach Tikva (Belinson Campus)


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