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Author(s) Lozanovski VJ, Döhler B, Weiss KH, Mehrabi A, Süsal C
Title The differential influence of cold ischemia time on outcome after liver transplantation for different indications – who is at risk? A Collaborative Transplant Study report.
Source Front Immunol 11:892, 11 pages, 2020 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Süsal C, Kumru G, Döhler B, Morath C, Baas M, Lutz J, Unterrainer C, Arns W, Aubert O, Bara C, Beiras-Fernandez A, Böhmig GA, Bösmüller C, Diekmann F, Dutkowski P, Hauser I, Legendre C, Lozanovski VJ, Melk A, Minor T, Mueller TF, Pisarski P, Rostaing L, Schemmer P, Schneeberger S, Schwenger V, Sommerer C, Tönshoff B, Viebahn R, Viklicky O, Weimer R, Weiss KH, Zeier M, Živcic-Cosic S, Heemann U
Title Should kidney allografts from old donors be allocated only to old recipients?
Source Transpl Int, 2020 [Epub ahead of print] Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Houben P, Döhler B, Weiß K, Mieth M, Mehrabi A, Süsal C
Title Differential influence of donor age depending on the indication for liver transplantation – A Collaborative Transplant Study report.
Source Transplantation 104:779-787, 2020 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Noble J, Jouve T, Malvezzi P, Süsal C, Rostaing L
Transplantation of marginal organs: Immunological aspects and therapeutic perspectives in kidney transplantation.
Source Front Immunol 10:3142, 9 pages, 2020 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Süsal C
Three is not enough.
Source Transplant Int, 2020 [Epub ahead of print] Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Kumru Sahin G, Unterrainer C, Süsal C
Critical evaluation of a possible role of HLA epitope matching in kidney transplantation.
Source Transplant Rev (Orlando) 34:100533, 8 pages, 2020 Abstract Full Text
Author(s) Morath C, Schmitt A, Kleist C, Daniel V, Opelz G, Süsal C, Ibrahim EH, Kälble F, Speer C, Nusshag C, Pego da Silva L, Sommerer C, Wang L, Ni M, Hückelhoven-Krauss A, Czock D, Merle U, Mehrabi A, Sander A, Hackbusch M, Eckert C, Waldherr R, Schnitzler P, Müller-Tidow C, Hoheisel JD, Mustafa SA, Alhamdani MS, Bauer AS, Reiser J, Zeier M, Schmitt M, Schaier M, Terness P
Title Phase-I trial of donor-derived modified immune cell infusion in kidney transplantation.
Source J Clin Invest, 2020 [Epub ahead of print] Abstract Full Text


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